If you’ve visited any dental website you’ll have undoubtedly read that the practice in question carries out the ‘highest standards of patient care‘, but what exactly does that mean? Here at Church Road Dental, care extends beyond standard Cheshire oral surgery or when practising Cheshire dental and cosmetics and in fact, it all starts the very minute a patient enters our practice.

Creating the right atmosphere

It’s understandable that most people feel anxious before a visit to their local dentist. Therefore we believe that it’s important to create the right atmosphere as soon as a patient walks through the door.  By creating a relaxing and tranquil area, we’ve found that  any nervous or anxious patients instantly feel calmer. This means additions such as comfortable seating, warm colours on the walls, fresh cut flowers, relaxing music and the smell of freshly brewed coffee are as important as any chair-side care we can give. This is far removed from the clinical, sanitised white tiling and bare-floored look of practices in the past. In fact, even the name ‘clinic‘ has now been replaced with ‘practice‘ or ‘office’ making it sound a more attractive place to be.

Better trained staff

While all staff are obviously trained in dental matters, more and more focus is being placed on how to deal with anxious patients. Did you know for example that one in four people suffer from some form of dental anxiety?  In some cases the problem is so bad that a person would rather suffer with tooth problems than visit the dentist for Cheshire oral surgery. To combat this, many staff including those here at Church Road are trained specifically to deal with anxious patients. This may be something as simple as talking them through any Cheshire dental and cosmetics procedures, so that they know exactly what to expect. Or, initiating alternative forms of help such as conscious sedation when undergoing examinations, cleaning or surgical procedures.

So ultimately, when we say we practice the highest standards or Church Road dental care we really do mean it.  Why not come and talk to us about how we can help you combat your fears so that you can have the necessary treatment you need. To find out more, book a consultation with Shi Karim and the team on  0161 486 0743 today.

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Quality dental services are difficult to come by. Add to that the difficulty in finding affordable cosmetic dentistry, and you have yourself a recipe for stress. Fortunately, Church Road Dental cosmetic work is both affordable and high in quality. We offer exceptional Cheshire dental and cosmetics services, and are dedicated to helping our clients love their smile again. At Church Road Dental, you can find the exceptional care you want without spending over your budget. Church Road Dental care has one thing in mind—your cosmetic objectives.

Pain-free dentistry can make a dramatic difference in your dental experience. At Church Road Dental, we make that a priority. We want you to feel relaxed and welcomed whenever you choose to use our service. Our Cheshire dental and cosmetics is tailored to fit your budget and needs, and our staff will warmly welcome you into the dental chair with a hassle-free process.

Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening services or are interested in more dramatic services such as wrinkle reduction and dental veneers, Church Road Dental Care offers the high quality services you’re looking for. We specialize in state-of-the-art technology and are passionate about delivering exceptional care no matter what.

It’s often difficult to differentiate between affordable dental care and that which is overpriced, especially if you’re using an insurer to take care of the bill. However, church road dental cosmetic work is tailored to suit your budget and cosmetic objectives.

Don’t settle for less for your cosmetic dental needs. Choose Church Road Dental care and discover our premium services for yourself. Offering the best Cheshire dental and cosmetics service, Church Road dental cosmetic work is all that you need to look and feel your best. At Church Road Dental, you can get the smile you want without limiting your budget. We look forward to seeing you in person.

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