While cosmetic dentistry has been around in some form or another since the 1860’s it’s only in the last 30 years or so that it has become more mainstream. Nowadays any one of a number of Manchester patients might be referred to a cosmetic dentist in Manchester; but what exactly does a Manchester cosmetic dentist do?

Before we answer this question we need to address what a cosmetic dentist Manchester actually is.

In essence a cosmetic dentist practices restorative dentistry with a particular interest in the concepts of smile design and the dental materials needed to create the best looking smile. While restorative dentistry focuses on the function of the teeth, cosmetic dentistry focuses more on the form. In other words, what the smile looks like.

What treatments does a cosmetic dentist in Manchester perform?

All cosmetic treatments improve the aesthetics of a smile, while some will also improve the function. Here are some of the most popular:

Teeth whitening Whether it’s through laser teeth whitening or take home whitening kits used in the privacy of your own home, teeth whitening is a quick fix, non-permanent way achieving a whiter, brighter smile.

Composite bondingThis is a tooth coloured quick drying material that is used to mask tiny chips, indentations, and hairline cracks which appear in visible teeth, giving your smile a seamless appearance.

VeneersVeneers are thin shell like layers of porcelain which are glued to the front of the tooth. They cover up a variety of sins including cracks, chips, ingrained staining, and can even be used to give the appearance of straighter teeth.

Cosmetic gum surgery  Minor surgical techniques can be used to reshape the surface of the gum giving it a smoother, more symmetrical appearance.

Tooth reshaping When one tooth is larger than another it can be drilled or lasered to match the appearance, shape, and size, of the remaining teeth.

Wrinkle reduction Utilising dermal fillers and botox a Manchester cosmetic dentist can enhance a smile using wrinkle reduction techniques.

As you can see there is so much a cosmetic dentist Manchester can do to improve a smile. So if you’re less than impressed with yours, why not come and speak to our cosmetic dentist in Manchester to see just what they can do for you. Contact us on 0161 486 0743 and start your transformation today.

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A cosmetic dentist Manchester carries out work that improves the appearance but not necessarily the function of a person’s smile, including teeth, gums, and/or bite. Their primary focus is on the aesthetics of a smile and how it can be improved in terms of appearance. As such, there are a number of cosmetic treatments that our dentists in Manchester perform.

From subtle changes to major repairs our dental clinic Manchester has a team of highly experienced cosmetic dentists who offer a wide range of singular ‘one off’ treatments, or a collection of treatments, all designed to enhance your smile. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and more importantly, how they can help you?

Teeth whitening

This is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. It consists of either laser teeth whitening treatment which is carried out in the dental chair in as little as one hour, or special take home kits which are worn over the teeth during a period of weeks in the comfort of your own home. Both types of treatment are designed to achieve whiter brighter teeth with as little hassle as possible.

Cosmetic bonding

When you visit our dental clinic in Manchester with chipped or blemished teeth, our cosmetic dentist Manchester might suggest cosmetic bonding. In essence it’s a tooth coloured cement designed to even out anomalies in the tooth surface, including chips or hairline cracks. Once dried it becomes hard and can last for several years.


Where cosmetic bonding simply fills in blemishes on the surface of the tooth, veneers are shell-like porcelain layers that cover the whole surface of the tooth. They’re ideal for covering teeth that are chipped, cracked, or broken, teeth that have ingrained staining that can’t be removed using teeth whitening procedures alone, and even for disguising slight gaps. They’re considered more permanent than cosmetic bonding and can last for 7–15 years.


Crowns are used when other cosmetic procedures won’t suffice. Because they’re specially made to sit over the entire tooth they act as protection. They have the longest lifespan of all the cosmetic treatments but they’re also the most time -consuming.

Wrinkle reduction

Our dentists in Manchester are also trained to offer wrinkle reduction techniques including dermal fillers and Restylane. These are used mainly as accompanying treatments to put the finishing touches on a great looking smile.

Smile makeovers

A smile makeover isn’t one treatment but a culmination of some or all of the above treatments designed to enhance your dental appearance. It can also include orthodontic treatments and restorative procedures such as dental implants.

As you can see a cosmetic dentist Manchester can help you in a number of ways, so if you’re fed up with your smile and would like to find a dental clinic Manchester to help, look no further than Church Road Dental. Why not contact us on 0161 486 0743 for a free, no – obligation consultation today and see for yourself?

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Have you always dreamt about having the perfect smile? The perfect combination of pearly white and perfectly straight teeth is a dream many people have. At Church Road Dental, we’ve become one of the top smile specialists in Manchester. Whether you’re looking for a qualified cosmetic dentist in Manchester or are simply interested in brightening your smile, we can help. We offer smile dental Manchester residents can count on, and so much more.

If you cringe in pictures or hide your smile when you laugh, you don’t have to anymore. With the help of experts on our team, you can successfully improve your smile and be confident anywhere you go. The freedom to smile with confidence is the right of every human being, and with the help of experts who understand the most advanced dentistry equipment, you can take back that freedom.

When you choose church road dental care, the results are absolutely stunning. Our commitment to guarantee your complete satisfaction is second to none, and we use only the best the tools and methodologies available. Additionally, our staff is fully certified and trained to beautifully administer our tools for the best possible result.

Beyond just another dentist in Manchester, Church Road Dental care is all about making you happy to show the world your smile. We’re just as proud of our work as our clients are of the results, which means you can choose our team with confidence.

When you choose Church Road Dental, you can be confident that only the best equipment and medication is used to achieve the desired result. No other dentist in Manchester uses the same level of equipment or strategies as our dental hospital.

We dare you, show us your smile and let us transform it to an enhanced version of what it is now.

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Do You Need a New Dentist in Manchester?

by on March 10, 2016 | Posted in blog

Are you looking for a Manchester orthodontist? Do you need teeth whitening dentist in Manchester? If so, we want to help. Church Road Dental provides the best smile dental Manchester based services. When you’re looking for a dentist in Manchester, there are certain qualifications that you want to meet to guarantee a premium result.

Comfortable Environment

There is nothing like going to a dentist in Manchester and finding out their office is unpleasant. At Church Road Dental, we take care to make sure that your experience with us is welcoming and peaceful from start to finish.

Advanced Technology

Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening dentist in Manchester or simply need a Manchester orthodontist, we have the advanced technology necessary to give you the best possible service. When you bring your smile to us, you can be confident it’s in safe hands.


We provide the best smile dental Manchester based services possible. Thanks to decades of experience, we enable our clients to achieve a bigger, brighter smile that they can be proud of. Our commitment to ensuring your smile is amazing stems from our years of experience as dentist in Manchester.

If you currently have a dentist who does not represent these values, then you possibly could be in need of a new dentist. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening dentist in Manchester, could use a professional Manchester orthodontist, and are interested in getting a better smile dental Manchester service, then contact us. We will help you get the best dentist in Manchester by offering our extensive services. Discover better dental care, better service, and a peaceful environment when you choose Church Road Dental.

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Quality dental services are difficult to come by. Add to that the difficulty in finding affordable cosmetic dentistry, and you have yourself a recipe for stress. Fortunately, Church Road Dental cosmetic work is both affordable and high in quality. We offer exceptional Cheshire dental and cosmetics services, and are dedicated to helping our clients love their smile again. At Church Road Dental, you can find the exceptional care you want without spending over your budget. Church Road Dental care has one thing in mind—your cosmetic objectives.

Pain-free dentistry can make a dramatic difference in your dental experience. At Church Road Dental, we make that a priority. We want you to feel relaxed and welcomed whenever you choose to use our service. Our Cheshire dental and cosmetics is tailored to fit your budget and needs, and our staff will warmly welcome you into the dental chair with a hassle-free process.

Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening services or are interested in more dramatic services such as wrinkle reduction and dental veneers, Church Road Dental Care offers the high quality services you’re looking for. We specialize in state-of-the-art technology and are passionate about delivering exceptional care no matter what.

It’s often difficult to differentiate between affordable dental care and that which is overpriced, especially if you’re using an insurer to take care of the bill. However, church road dental cosmetic work is tailored to suit your budget and cosmetic objectives.

Don’t settle for less for your cosmetic dental needs. Choose Church Road Dental care and discover our premium services for yourself. Offering the best Cheshire dental and cosmetics service, Church Road dental cosmetic work is all that you need to look and feel your best. At Church Road Dental, you can get the smile you want without limiting your budget. We look forward to seeing you in person.

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